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Welcome to the HP 260 & HP 250 preservation project. I worked with theses computers from 1980 until 1992. The goal of this project is to document some aspect of this computer and also create emulators. I will also preserve and repair these computers and as a final goal exhibit them in the Bolo Museum.

This machine was ahead of his time and bring computer technology to the small business with a very strong BUSINESS BASIC programming language which also had a lot of extension like IMAGE database management and FORMS utility and management. It was also a multiuser and multitasking computer system. A lot of small companies used this computer with dedicated sofware applications.

I'm still looking for the original HP 260 model P/N 45261D. This model is still missing in the collection.

Bienvenue sur le projet de préservation du HP 260 & HP 250. J'ai travaillé avec ces ordinateurs entre 1980 et 1992. Le but de ce projet est de documenter certains aspects de cet ordinateur et également de créer des émulateurs. Je vais également réparer ces appareils. Ils rejoindront in fine le musée Bolo.

Cette machine était très en avance sur son temps et a permis d'introduire l'informatique dans les petites entreprises avec son BUSINESS BASIC très puissant qui avait également beaucoup d'extensions tel que le système de base de données IMAGE et un système de gestion d'écran FORMS. Ce système informatique était multi-utilisateur et multi-tâche. Beaucoup de petites sociétés ont utilisés cet ordinateur avec des applications dédiées.

Je suis toujours à la recherche du premier modèle original du HP 260 P/N 45261D.

Willkommen bei der Erhaltungsprojekt für die HP 260 und HP 250. Ich arbeitete mit diesen Computern zwischen 1980 und 1992. Das Ziel dieses Projektes ist, einige Aspekte dieses Computers zu dokumentieren und auch Emulatoren zu schreiben. Ich werde auch diese Geräte reparieren. Diese Computer werden auch in eine Informatik Museum ausgestellt.

Diese Maschine war sehr voraus seiner Zeit und ermöglicht die Informationstechnologie in kleinen Unternehmen zu bringen.  Dieses Computer hat ein sehr starkes BUSINESS BASIC Programmier Sprache mit viele Erweiterungen  wie IMAGE Datenbank und FORMS Bildschirm Management System. Dieses System wurde multi-user und multi-tasking. Viele kleine Unternehmen haben diesen Computer mit spezifischer Verwendung  benutzt.

Ich suche immer noch das Original HP 260 Modell P/N 45261D.

Lluís gave me a working HP 260 series 30 http://vicerveza.homeunix.net/~viric/oldcomps/hp260.html. You can see this computer booting and servicing an HP 700/92 terminal and an HP 2622D DOS emulator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPP7stCLwEw  . I also used the HPDrive HP-IB emulator that Ansgar wrote for his HP 9845 project http://www.hp9845.net . This computer boot successfully with the B.09.01 OS.

I also received a working HP 250 Model 20 (45260A) which has a 8" floppy drive, a 5Mb internal drive, 768kB of DRAM and also a HP 2622D terminal. Thanks to Josef for this computer. This computer boot successfully with the B.09.01 OS.

I received a non working HP 250 Model 30 (45260A) without the HP 7908P 16Mb hard disk. I actually need to repair the ASI board.

I just get a working HP 260 Model 40 (45072A) with an HP 9144A streamer and an HP 7958B harddisk (150Mb capacity). With the machine I also get 3 Video terminals with the HP-HIL interface and keyboards and a cabinet for the devices.

A facebook page has been opened and will be enhanced with pictures of the collection http://www.facebook.com/hp260hp250preservationProject

I'm still looking for HP 250 and HP 260:
  • hardware
    • 45251A, 45251B, 45252A , 45253A , 45254A - HP 250 - 1978 - Original desk model (SAM) [still missing in the collection]
    • 45261D - HP 260 - 1985 - Original HP 260 - Same PCB form factor as the 250 [still missing in the collection]
    • 45072A - HP 260/40
    • 45071A - HP 260 extender
    • 45070A - HP 260/30 - 1986 - Redesigned PCB
    • 45260A - HP 250 - 1981 - Pedestal model (DELILA)
  • peripherals
    • HP 2622D - Terminal
    • HP 700/92 - Terminal
    • HP 2392A - Terminal
    • HP 45263D - Video terminal
    • HP 45262-60010 - Audio interface for HP 260 Video terminal
    • HP 2934A - Printer
    • HP 2631B - Printer
    • HP 2563A - Printer
    • HP 9144A - Cartridge tape drive
    • HP 9895A - Dual 8" floppy drive
    • HP 7908P - 16.5Mb disc drive in cabinet
    • HP 7911P - 28.1Mb disc drive in cabinet
    • HP 7912P - 65.6Mb disc drive in cabinet
    • HP 7957A - 81Mb modular disc drive
    • HP 7958A - 130Mb modular disc drive
  • others
    • HP 45065A or HP 45066A - Cabinet
    • HP 30463A - Cabinet
  • softwares and utilities
  • program listings
  • operating system and internal hardware informations
    • commented assembly listing
    • internal hardware architecture and how to interact from assembly langage (registers, protocol, states, ...)
  • 88140SC and 88140LC cartridges (special certified & preformatted cartridges for 9144A drives) http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=266 with HP 250 / 260 backups / operating systems or programs
  • 8 inch floppies http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=966 , http://www.hpmuseum.net/images/250_OS-Util_B.05-50.jpg , http://www.hpmuseum.net/images/92195A_Disc-36.jpg  with HP 250 / 260 backups / operating systems or programs
  • 3.5 inch DS/DD floppies with HP 250 / 260 backups / operating systems or programs
Will be done:
  • writing a terminal emulator that run native on windows, emulating the HP 2622D, HP 700/92, HP 2392A
  • writing a printer emulator HP 2631B, HP 2934A
  • creating an interface that allow the use of the VIO (video terminal) with a VGA screen
  • creating an interface that emulates the 45262-60010 "Audio Interface Unit" (handle beeps) and that use the HIL entry with an actual PS/2 keyboard
  • an HP 260 emulator on PC (emulating all commands and functions)
In progress:
  • analyzing program structures (PROG), binaries (BPRG)
  • finishing the hp260dir catalog utility with features like the HPDir utility for the HP 9845 but dedicated for the HP 250/260
  • started to write a printer emulator
Already done (to be published as soon as possible):
  • a procedure to "repair" an HP 0950-1760 power supply (testing in progress)
  • a procedure to have a functionning datetime backup battery
Would be helpful:
The goal is also to published and share the work on this site. I would also appreciate any help to this project.

Searched document:
  • HP-HIL Technical Reference Manual, HP P/N 45918A
I have to repair the following cards:
  • 45000-66552 HP 250 power supply, schematics partially made by hand.
    • repaired: replaced Q7 (2N4403), 1 signal diode near U6 (1V threshold instead of 0.6V) and U8 (CD4011) integrated circuit
  • 45120-66550 HP250 ASI asynchronous serial interface board, red led is on, so there's a problem.
    • Since the self test blocked on 3 when the ASI board is present, I speculate that there's a RAM problem. This speculation isn't verified, but the problem is with the complex memory sharing on this board. There must be another defect IC, but still need to be investigated.

You can reach me by mail info_AT_hp260.net

Informations about HP250 / HP260:


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